The Best Dog Christmas Sweaters (2022 Reviews)

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A lot of work goes into making a dog or cat (or any pet) sweater. From finding the perfect pattern to knitting (or crocheting) the actual garment, dog sweaters take a crafty touch.

Our team of researchers created this buyers guide to help people find the best designer dog sweater and even some remarkable dog costume ideas!

We have handpicked a list of the top 5 best dog sweaters for dogs. These versatile sweaters are made to keep dogs warm over the Christmas season. They are high quality, comfortable, and stylish. Your pet needs quality wardrobe to keep them warm in the winter. These top 5 come with Christmas prints that will add festive charm to your dog this holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do dog sweaters really work?

According to animal behavior countermeasures researcher Richard Neville, animal use of countermeasures is a compelling reason to use them when training dogs.

Introducing negative consequences for a behavior, which in the long run prevents that behavior, is the basis for all positive training techniques.

“When you teach a dog to perform a behavior like touching their nose to an object and then offer a reward for the behavior,” Neville says, “you’re basically punishing the dog for NOT doing the behavior. So why not just offer the reward anytime the behavior occurs?”

That's why dog sweaters work: they reinforce the behavior you want your dog to exhibit. They give your dog colder ears! In the long run, this means the sweater itself becomes a negative reinforcement, since the sweater will be taken off when the dog complies, which your dog associates with getting cold ears.

Why is my dog calmer with a sweater on?

When it feels cold or scared, your dog will have a tendency to keep its tail tucked in and keep its body close to the ground. They also hunker down in a place that’s warm, protected and comforting to them. A dog sweater is like a buffer from the elements which will keep your dog calmer during colder and harsher weather.

When should you start wearing Christmas sweaters?

It seems silly to start wearing Christmas sweaters in December, but people do. It does make sense. Technically, it is Christmastime any time after the end of September, so in a sense, you can start wearing Christmas sweaters anytime. Though, I would recommend waiting until the weather drops closer to 40 degrees before putting on a Christmas sweater.

At what temperature do dogs need sweaters?

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs in good health can tolerate much more extreme temperatures than we give them credit for.

Larger dogs are more protected from the cold because they have more of their body exposed to the cold air and heat moves from an area of higher temperature to an area of lower temperature without much resistance. This phenomenon is called conduction. Big dogs are smarter.

Small dogs are able to regulate their own body temperature more efficiently due to the higher surface to body volume ratio which makes them more sensitive to the cold.

Here is a good guide for dogs by size.


Why pay money for a commercial sweater when you can make your own? Well, first of all, the truth is that most commercial sweaters look like they’re for children or even babies. Therefore, many dog owners prefer to make them for their dogs. And secondly, they’re relatively inexpensive. And thirdly, most dog Christmas sweaters don’t come in sizes that are comfortable for a large dog. This article will attempt to help you in finding the best dog Christmas sweater.

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