The Best GPS Pet Locators (2021 Reviews)

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Losing a pet sucks.

There are so many ways that it could happen ‗ a pet could escape out the door and get lost, be stolen, or even run away. No matter how it happens, the heartache and financial cost of losing a pet is extremely high for pet owners. It’s even worse if you have more than one pet and can’t afford to replace the life that you’ve lost.

But you really don’t have to lose sleep over it anymore! Once upon a time, there was no way to know where your pet was, and believe it or not, this includes the old-school radio collars! Today, there are dozens of automatic pet locators (AKA GPS pet locators) on the market that will make sure that your pet will never get lost again.

PetFon Pet GPS TrackerBest OverallPetFon Pet GPS Tracker
Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet MonitoringBudget PickEureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring

1. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

Our rating: 9 / 10

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

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  • Easy-to-use GPS pet tracker: this pet tracker locates pets through satellites and transmits their locations to the owner using real-time tracking
  • Secured: using the most advanced chip, it’s waterproof and well-protected, as well as having a long-lasting battery
  • Durable and lightweight, the PetFon dog tracker is tough and simple to attach to your dog
  • Easy to clean: unlike other versions, this pet tracker for dogs is water resistant and can be easily cleaned with a cloth
  • Use your smart device to check your dog’s location in real-time
  • GPS locator for dogs, cats, or more: Installing the collar is easy and fast. The device is lightweight, giving your pets pleasure and peace of mind
  • Get alerts when your dog goes out of specified area. Never worry where your dog is because you can track him with this pet GPS tracker
  • The PetFon dog GPS tracker is small and lightweight, making it simple to carry around and use in almost any weather
  • No monthly fees, no hidden fees, no installation fees, and no contracts when you buy the PetFon GPS pet tracker

2. Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring

Our rating: 7 / 10

Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring

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  • Coverage expands up to 4 acres
  • The long lasting rechargeable battery allows it to stay on 24/7 without having to change the battery
  • Lightweight; making it easy to carry around.
  • Two-way talking system allows you to hear and talk to your pet when you’re miles away.
  • The waterproof capabilities make it work even if your pet is swimming in the river.
  • Auto-resetting buzzer alarm; helps you find your pet faster.
  • GPS tracking allows you to know exactly where your pet is at.
  • The built-in flashlight helps you find your cat even at night.


  • Does not work when underground.

The MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking and Locating System is a revolutionary product that helps you locate your pet in case they go missing. It always places the pet owner at ease.

This device is designed to work even through walls and under cars as it transmits the signal via radio frequencies. It also works great even at night due to its LED flashlight.

The MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking and Locating System is the most robust system for pet tracking. It’s designed to monitor your pet always even when 400 yards away from home.

3. BARTUN Mini GPS Dog Cat Tracker Locator

Our rating: 3 / 10

BARTUN Mini GPS Dog Cat Tracker Locator

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  • The GPS tracking works very well
  • The collar is well-made and resist water
  • The SIM card it comes with works well and it’s easy to setup
  • The biggest pro of this device is how affordable it is


  • The USB cable included is of low quality, which is a bummer
  • The collar can be a bit too big for smaller dogs
  • The customer service could be a lot better

The BARTUN Mini GPS is a solid device if you’re looking for something that’s not too expensive but also not inferior. While it’s pretty easy to set up, its real highlights lie in the affordable price and the great set of features it offers for GPS tracking.

Included with the BARTUN Mini GPS are a USB cable, a collar with a SIM card, and a strap. It doesn’t, however, include a bracket, which you’ll have to purchase separately.

The bracket is an important piece to consider for this device, since it needs a surface to attach to. But besides that, the SIM card’s bracket allows you to mount the GPS device inside.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best GPS dog tracking system?

This is clearly defined as the Garmin Astro and the Tagg Pet. The Garmin Astro is loved by pet owners as they find it is incredibly practical. The collar is waterproof and lasts up to seven days between charges. You can set the device to alert you by email or text messages if the dog gets too far away from the home base. You get a map of the dogʼs activity and can view the route it has taken. It will also calculate the speed of the dog.

The Tagg GPS pet tracker is very similar to the Garmin Astro system, where the collar can be worn by the owner, as a dog, or as a cat. If the pet goes out of range the owner receives a text message or call. Tagg collars last two weeks between charges and have a web interface as well as smartphone apps.

What is the best GPS tracker for cats?

"WitPet" is a GPS locator which has been specially designed for pet owners. It was designed for cats, however, it can also be used for dogs or other animals. It is tiny pet device that has a GPS tracker and a SIM card. It’s also equipped with a radio connectivity device and a panic signal.

Are GPS trackers safe for dogs?

The good news is that both brands we recommend on this site are safe for your pet. The worst that can happen by using a GPS tracker for your pet is that the battery dies, and your pet can get lost if they were already lost before you put on the tracker.

What's the best dog tracker?

Muna is the name of the game here. It's a locator and activity tracker for your dog. Muna is made by the company that makes the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, so you know they've got some technology chops.

The tracker itself is only available for dogs, but it's possible the company will expand the service to cats and other pets. Instead of collars and leashes, Muna is a collar band which can be attached to your pet's existing collar.

What makes Muna stand out is the small size and light weight of the module. This means you can keep track of your pet without feeling a huge weight on your pet's neck.

We've seen a few options in the past. There's a "Find my dog" app, a collar attachment with an embedded GPS signal, and some other trackers and locator devices.


GPS Pet Locators are the most accurate on the market. However, it’s also important that you understand that these devices rely heavily on cell coverage to transmit your pet’s location when something happens.

Cell coverage, especially in remote areas, isn’t perfect. So be sure to test it regularly to ensure your pet’s safety.

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PetFon Pet GPS TrackerBest OverallPetFon Pet GPS Tracker
Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet MonitoringBudget PickEureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring