The Best Hairball Remedies (2021 Reviews)

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Hairballs, bless their little kitty hearts, have a knack for showing up at inconvenient times. Whether you have a shedding dog or a Persian cat, hairballs can be an embarrassing and sticky problem!

If your cat is constantly vomiting up hairballs and you worry about him or her choking, you absolutely need to check out our solutions list of the best hairball remedies.

We’ve laid out the details below to help you easily find the best solutions for hairballs for your pets.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best thing to give a cat for hairballs?

Next time KITTY is feeling sick or bloated, there are a few things you can do for him or her.

Do hairball remedies work?

You used to find hairball remedies in pet stores, but now you can find them in most major pet stores.

Overall, most pet owners have given a 3 star rating. People that don't like this product said there was minimal positive impact on their cat.

However, the good news is that all the notable pros about hairball remedies outweigh the cons by a long shot. And while there are some negative reviews, I believe they are valid.

First, this is by no means a cure. There is no way to completely prevent your cat from coughing up long hairballs. If that is the expectation I believe the disappointment will be greater than if you know that it might not work for every cat.

Secondly, the product does work as advertised. It specifically states that results vary from cat to cat.

Does wet food help with hairballs?

Since cats produce hairballs to expel the fur they canʼt digest, it stands to reason that wet cat food, which would take longer to digest and would therefore give the fur more time to pass through the digestive system, would result in fewer hairballs.

How do you know if your cat has a hairball blockage?

Sure, your cat grooms himself daily and you think his hair must be perfect, but there are times that your cat can pick up too much hair, too fast and it can get to a point where he cannot digest it all.

There are also instances where he will ingest a fur ball or other foreign item that may become lodged in his throat. Either way, there are a few signs that may tell you if your cat has a hairball blockage.

He may wake up from a sound sleep and proclaim that he feels nauseous or is generally laying around unable to move.

His eyes might be partially shut from discomfort or he may be retching.

Your cat’s breathing might be heavier than normal or he may start drooling.

You may see them foam at the mouth from trying to throw up the blockage.


You may have a cat who has a hairball issue. Maybe you have multiple cats and you’ve been wondering what’s the best hairball remedy for them? Either way, this article and anyone of our top 5 picks should come in handy to find the best hairball remedy for your cat.

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