The Best Reptile Tank Humidifiers (2020 Reviews)

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Reptiles were a popular category of pet for many people in the late 70s and early 80s. They were a status symbol of sorts and many people got them because they thought they would be good investments or an opportunity to get into business breeding them.

Today, their popularity is much lower than back in the day, but there are still a surprising number of reptile and reptile terrarium owners. These owners have to make sure their pet has a proper habitat with everything they need. One of the most important things they need is a proper tank humidifier. Read on to learn the ins and outs of good reptile tank humidifiers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best reptile fogger?

As we grew the number of reptiles in our care, we began to realize that we were at a point where we were going to have to get more serious about our reptile care. That meant investing in serious tools like a reptile fogger, a hygrometer and a quality thermometer.

While there are plenty of things to do wrong when it comes to caring for your reptiles, one thing you need to be sure to get right is humidity.

You need to keep your reptile's tank as humid as you can, or they won't be able to live in that environment.

If you don't want your reptiles to be in danger of dying from dehydration or night-time hypothermia, you need to control the humidity in their environment.

Luckily, you have hundreds of reptile foggers to choose from.

How do you humidify a reptile tank?

Reptile tanks often have a difficult time maintaining the correct humidity levels because they are confined spaces and only opened for cleaning, feeding, and the occasional decoration change. This means that a humidifying device is an absolute necessity if you want to keep your pet in optimal condition.

There are many different kinds of reptile humidifiers available on the market. Some products are specifically designed for this purpose and some are meant for other purposes but can be used as reptile humidifiers as well. All of them are designed differently and are suitable for different types of reptiles and terrariums. For this reason, it is important to buy a reptile humidifier that is not only suitable for the species of the reptile that you are keeping in the tank, but also for the type of terrarium in which the reptile lives.

Can I use a humidifier for my snake?

The type and size of serpent you own will determine the proper use of a humidifier or a fogger for your desert dwelling friend.

While most reptiles live in a relatively dry environment, there can be adverse effects of being in a very dry, enclosed space. Out of fear, some species will not burrow, and will be very reluctant to eat.

However, precautions should be taken to ensure that the humidity stays within the required ranges, depending on the species.

For most species of snake, an enclosure with a ambient humidity of 70%-85% with a thermal gradient of 75F-85F will suffice. The appropriate temperature range will vary depending on the species of the snake.

Standard reptile foggers can damage some reptiles which have a delicate skin- such as soft-shelled turtles, lizards or snakes. Some foggers release too many airborne chemicals into the enclosure, which can also damage the animals.

How does a reptile fogger work?

A reptile fogger provides humidity into the tank by injecting water into the air. By injecting water molecules into one of the lowest air pressure areas of the tank, it forces

The air to take the water upward.

The air then leaves the tank through the top vent and into the room.

This allows for a higher humidity level in the room than it would normally have.

It can also help to reduce drafts in the room.

As an alternative, if you are not looking to increase humidity in the room as well and only want your tank to be filled with humidity, you can leave off the top vent and just use the bottom vent.


Dry heat is a real problem for your pet, and it can be a problem you’re not even aware you have. If you want to ensure that your reptile has a good environment in which to thrive, it’s important to know how to regulate the humidity levels using a humidity monitor. To help you buy the best of the best, we put together a helpful list of the best reptile tanks for you to choose from.

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