The Best Small Dog Crates (2022 Reviews)

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Why dogs crates? Dogs are generally happiest when they can relax in a confined space, undisturbed by the world or other animals. A crate provides this sense of security as provides a place for your dog to sleep and get out of your way when you don’t want him around. If you read any post about crate training dogs on the internet, a lot of people will recommend the use of small dog crates as a way to introduce them to the crate environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best crate for a small dog?

I fell in love with the idea of an indoor dog crate when I did a lot of research and came to understand how fantastic they are for not only training your dog but also pet training solutions, and stress relief. Of course, there are a lot of Dog crates, soft dog crates, wire dog crates, heavy duty dog crates etc. But you are looking for the best dog crate, for your dog. So let’s do that.

What is the best dog crate brand?

If you’re going to get a doggy crate, there are a few things to consider first! Let me first point out that there are no brands that are known to be superior. Some are a bit less expensive than others, some are bigger or smaller. If budget is your number one concern, then price could be your main decision maker.

However, we believe, the no 1 reason why people consider crates for their pooch is to make the room they live in more comfortable for them.

By this I mean, a lot of the decisions around crates for your dog, are based on the environment they will be living in.

Things like the space you have to allocate in your home for the crate, or if you have enough space. If you have a large dog, perhaps trying to find a smaller crate may be of benefit.

I hope you find the following information and products useful for your new pup.

What size crate should I get for my dog?

Most dogs can go through adult and extra adult-sized crates. Generally speaking, the weights and sizes of dogs determine the size you should get.

Aside from weight, most crates will fit any breed of dog. It will, however, depend on the dog’s body frame and size.

A medium-sized dog would need a crate that is suitable for a medium dog. There are many options available, but the general rule of thumb is to get the biggest crate that you can afford.

If you want to save cash, you can also opt for a large dog crate and partition it using one of the many divider panels available on the market. This would enable you to make a much smaller crate fit your dog as they grow.

Is a bigger dog crate better?

For large dogs, I would definitely recommend a bigger crate. The bigger they are, the more they are going to want to stretch out. It will also give them more room to turn around.

For smaller dogs, most crates you see will be far too large. They will likely have fewer issues fitting in a smaller crate, so any of the smaller crates on the market will be perfect for them.


Some dogs love to hide when they’re put in a crate with the door closed. Small dog crates come in handy for this but there are a ton of them on the market.

Our review and comparison from the best small dog crates and crates for all small dogs reviewed will be sure to help you find what the best small dog crate is for your pet.

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