The Best Tick Sprays (2022 Reviews)

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A tick, also known as a wood tick, is a parasitic arachnid that attaches itself to the skin of its host, animal or human, to feed on blood. Because of this, they are also a danger to the health of their host due to the transmission of pathogens that can cause serious illnesses.

The best tick spray is one that will repel the ticks from you or your companion animals. It should be easy to apply, relatively inexpensive, and easy to obtain. It should also be easy to wash off and not cause irritation or skin problems.

On top of that, the best tick sprays prevent ticks from biting; they don’t kill them. So the best tick repellent will not require you to kill ticks that you find on your host animal or another human after you’ve applied it to prevent disease transmission.

A good tick repellent should be released into the environment within about 30 seconds of coming into contact with the treated area, and it should remain active for at least several hours and ideally for a whole day.

So don’t choose a tick repellent that is too mild or that has a short activation period.

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