The Best Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers (2021 Reviews)

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If you’re a cat lover, or know a cat lover, you know just how hard it can be to find the “right” gift.

I mean, there are literally “thousands” of gifts out there for cat lovers (or “devotees” as I prefer to think of them). So it gets a bit overwhelming, especially if you know someone who is highly particular about their feline companions.

But, that being said, the thing that makes cat lovers and their kitties so brutally hard to shop for is the fact that EVERYONE has something to get for them. I mean every time I go to any sort of party, party, and everyone is scrambling to find a gift for the birthday girl, the cat lover in my circle is instantly and unanimously chosen for that same group’s gift needs.

So, it’s actually really hard to shop for them. But that’s all beside the point. That’s what this guide is for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to buy someone who loves cats?

For most, there is nothing better than the unconditional love that comes with owning a cat. Show you care for friends and family who love cats too with a gift selection from our list below, a variety of presents for cat lovers including the almost infinite number of cat toys, cat treats, and even clothing with fun cat motifs and designs. Feline gifts make excellent gifts for all cat lovers, and whether you are purchasing something for someone special or for yourself, you will find our selection a great source of high quality and unique cat themed products. Pawsome!

_Pictured Above: Zacro Cat Backpack

What names do cats respond to best?

Studies have been done that have found that cats can respond to their names just as well as dogs, but it requires more specific training. It’s not as easy as simply calling the cat by name and expecting them to respond.

In order to get a cat to respond, you need to give them some training. Start off slow and use the cat’s meal time as a reward for their training. While the cat is eating their food, say their name. When they turn their head and look at you, play with them or give them a little attention. Ideally, this step should be done every time they eat.

Another method of getting your cat to respond to their name is to practice sitting with them while doing nothing else. When they turn their head to look at you, say their name. This is another method that works well with cats that are eating.

What do you buy a crazy cat lady?

I was very passionate about this question until it was suggested that I myself am a crazy cat lady. I feel like, contrary to popular opinion, it is entirely possible to have too many cats.

This is especially true when, one time when I had 12 cats, 4 of them leaped off of a shelf because a loud ambulance startled them and they ended up on the floor. I had 4 of my own cats and 8 others that used to stay there. They all ended up grouped together, I believe they were trying to comfort each other. The next morning my husband found that they all died except for one. He took it with him when he went to college. He came back over 10 years later, and he still has his cat.

I think that it is entirely possible to have too many cats, and that it was just a coincidence that it happened when I had 12.

How can I make my cat feel special?

Many people make a common mistake in choosing their gift for their cat — they choose something that they would like, not what their cat would like. Each kitty is different and if they don't like what you buy them they will let you know and may even urinate on it… just kidding (but they will definitely let you know)

Your cat is a unique individual and has his own favorite toys. For example, my cat is an independent guy who doesn't like to be played with. He likes a catnip mouse and to look out the window at birds, but that's pretty much it.

Your cat doesn't care if your gift is cool. Your cat doesn't care if your gift is the latest "it" toy that all of the other cats have. Your cat wants to play with their favorite toy — the same toy that they have paw-marked for years.

You can spot a cool cat toy by watching cats that have it.


Choosing the best cat lover gift can be a challenge! If you have trouble finding the perfect gift for a feline fanatic, you should definitely check out our list of the top 15 gifts for cat lovers. We’ve assembled a list of the best gifts for cat lovers that they will love. Whether it’s a gift for Christmas, the birthday, or just because, you’ll find a suitable gift at our top 15 list.

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