The Best Wild Bird Seed (2022 Reviews)

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It’s that time of year again — seed-eating birds are hungry as can be! Getting some great wild-bird seed might be just the thing to make their day (and your yard) a little happier!

Bird seeds are regularly used by amateur and professional bird-watchers to attract and feed almost every type of bird. Synthetic wild-bird feeders are popular feeders, but natural bird feeders are the way to go if you’re looking to save money, have an impact on the wild bird population, attract more diverse types of birds, and have an environmentally-friendly bird-feeding station!

Ready to look at some bird seeds? Check out our top recommendations for the best wild bird seed in 2022 below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best wild bird seed brand?

As a rule, the healthier a bird looks, the healthier their diet. Birds are designed to scratch out food sources, not for you to provide them. Birds are more health conscious than the average person, despite what you may think. They are not prone to snack on sugary cereals or fried starches.

Healthy, naturally smelly seeds will go a long way in attracting wild birds to your backyard. If you want to attract goldfinches, for example, you should purchase sunflower seeds. That is what they like to eat. If you want chickadees or finches, buy thistle seeds, which are also highly nutritious. And with bird seed, you will get money on your side as well: You will save money by not having to buy processed foods in the store.

What is the best wild bird feed?

Simply put, a seed blend that is rich in fat will usually attract the widest range of bird varieties. While white millet, which is low in fat, may be a favorite choice of goldfinches and purple finches, it will attract fewer other species.

For finches and cardinals, use a major brand like Black Oil Sunflower or Nyjer.

For woodpeckers and grosbeaks, black sunflower is their first choice.

For wood ducks, suet is best.

For chickadees, nyjer in the winter and sunflower in the summer is their favorite.

For jays, you can never go wrong with black sunflower.

What is the best bird seed to attract birds?

I believe the best bird seed to attract birds is sunflower.

What is the best no waste bird seed?

My Wife and I enjoy watching the birds. So we have a lot of bird feeders and we were looking for one that uses less seed, But still enough to attract the birds we want to see.

At first we tried a bird feeder that used a tray that the seed goes into, this worked for a while but the seeds would get wet and moldy over time and we would have to throw it away.

So I looked at the mesh feeders that have a tray in the bottom that you fill with seed and all the seed gets stuck in the holes and the birds can eat it all.

What I found was that seed gets stuck in the mesh and is hard to clean out.

I tried another method of feeding the birds and found what I was looking for. The no waste bird seed.

No Waste bird seed is seed that will not clog up the mesh of the bird feeder.


The best bird seed is made from a variety of natural seeds in different shapes and sizes, includes a variety of mixed seeds, and contains no chemicals or additives. The seeds are of the highest quality and are an excellent food source for wild birds.

Each brand of bird seed contains a different amount. Some brands are small and some are large. It’s a good idea to check the nutritional levels of the seeds you’re considering.

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