Cutesy And Fluffy: 7 Reasons Why Owning Pomeranians Is The Best Thing

Skylar Dial
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If you're a small animal lover, you've probably already researched getting a dog. Dogs are amazing companions, and so are some dog breeds you've probably never considered … like the Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian, or Pom for short, is one of the world's cutest toys. They're plump and puffy, with a short coat, and can be either curly or straight haired. Poms come in various colors, with colors and patterns varying per specific breed. (We're grateful that modern-day Pomeranians are in fact, larger than a rat.)

These little fluffballs are actually descendants of sled dogs from the Arctic and Siberian regions. Some Pom characteristics that you're sure to admire include their courage, devotion, loyalty, and outgoing personality. Pomeranians are natural-born guard dogs: they are alert, and can be both playful and protective.

An adult Pom is a wonderful companion, loving, affectionate, and faithful to their owners, with a non-aggressive temperament. Poms are very playful, and love getting into mischief. They also tend to bark a lot, but generally do so to alert their owners of outside noises. They are great at learning tricks and commands, and thrive when you take him on adventures with you.