How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

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Keep Your Dog Stimulated

Keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated or he's likely to start doing destructive things. Dog boredom has a lot in common with human boredom. It occurs when your dog gets too little physical and mental activity and it is the major cause of behavior problems in dogs. In fact, dog boredom is a major cause of excessive barking.

A tired, bored dog will find plenty of ways to keep himself excited and busy when left indoors. He will dig and chew and pull out your carpet if he can't find a human to entertain him. To prevent him from getting into unwanted trouble, you should always provide him with plenty of exercise and enriching activities that engage his mind.


Do you love to exercise, but would like to ensure you're getting some activity as well? Then it's time to look at how you can get your dog involved. Not only will this provide both of you with some quality time together, but it can also give your pooch a bit of exercise that they may be lacking.

The first step is to get a strong lead for your dog. While you want to make sure that this is comfortable, you may not want to obtain a collar – this may hurt your dog if they begin to pull. Instead, get a strong, comfortable rope that will fit round the dogs neck and the lead will be able to attach onto this.

The next step is to ensure that you choose the right location. This doesn’t need to be too far from your home or anywhere your dog will be uncomfortable – instead, find a flat piece of grass, a backyard, or even a local park. Put the dog on the lead and let them run free for a few minutes.

Then, give them a few basic commands such as "sit" and "down." Make sure you don’t ask them to do anything they are uncomfortable with, and ensure that the commands are soft. Feel free to use treats or your dog's favorite toy as a reward if they perform the command well.

Chews and Toys

Dogs love toys and treats so much that they will do anything to get them. And what they want they should get! I know, sometimes toys and treats are bad for their health, but that doesn’t stop our canine friends from trying to get them anyway.

This is why you have to be careful with choosing quality treats and toys for your dog, at least ones that will not only satisfy their teeth and jaws, but also that are healthy for their digestion.

There are many types of snacks that every dog should never eat, but there are also the treats and toys that are perfect for your dog. Before buying anything for your dog make sure to read the label first and learn what ingredients are on it. If you see a list that includes something like “straight starch” or chemicals that you can’t pronounce, then do not buy it for your pup!

Do not buy dog treats and toys from the dollar stores as most of them are chock-full of chemicals that your dog will be happy to swallow. Your dog will think they are great treats and toys, but they are really bad for them.

Make sure that the treats are made using human grade ingredients. They should also be processed in human factories, not at facilities where food is made for animals. And the same goes for their toys.

Quiet Time

Quiet Time is a great way to give your dog a mid-day break, or during inclement weather.

Make sure your dog has been fed, and no one is home except your dog. If there are young children in the house, they should not be present during Quiet Time. Play your dog's favorite CD or stereo music at a relatively low volume.

If you can, keep the room dark so that your dog can relax and not be distracted by sight. Some owners even create a "cave" with bedding and blankets to create a den-like environment for their dogs.

You can also combine this activity with belly rubs, massages, or brushings. Just make sure that your dog is in a comfortable position. Some dogs prefer belly rubs, while others like to be on their backs and have their paws gently rubbed.