How To Prevent Cracked Paws All Year Long

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Cracked Paws are More Common Than You May Think

Cracked paws are more common than you may think. In fact, they are also one of the most frustrating injuries to deal with if you have a dog that loves to dig or an indoor dog with hairless paw pads. This is because cracks tend to bleed, feel sensitive, and become painful. For dogs with cracked paws, they may not be able to enjoy running and playing like they used to without developing new cracks in their paws.

An Ottawa dog trainer let me in on a little secret – it’s not always the culprit that hurts your dog. Dogs that wear heavy boots can get cracks in their feet. It’s likely that if you’ve never had a crack problem before, one day they will. And just like some dogs, to some degree, are prone to diarrhea, they are also prone to getting cracks in their footpads.

So here’s what you can do, to help prevent cracked paws, all year long ….

Cold Climates Can Do a Number On Paw Pads

Cold climates can be rough on pavers. Extreme weather conditions can result in cracked, tender, and vulnerable paws. And of course, the harsher the winter, the rougher the paws.

But winter isn’t the only time you need to take extra measures to ensure healthy paws. Summer months in particular can be even more damaging.

Less rain and humid weather can cause a paver’s paw pads to dry out. This makes them soft and susceptible to cracking. It’s important to help manage the summer heat to prevent cracked paws. Finding a shady spot under a tree or in the grass to walk on is helpful. So is creating a cool mud puddle. Just avoid hot cement.

What to Do If the Paw Pads Start Bleeding

If your dog's paw pads start bleeding from cracks or blisters and he cannot walk comfortably, try to stop the bleeding with an ice pack or cool cloth and then give your dog a careful skin check. What started the problem?

Check for objects embedded in the skin such as a grass seed. Cooked food or raw food can also cause these problems. A spritz of non-stick cooking spray on the paws may help seal the cracks or blisters and keep the foreign objects out.

If your dog shows injury or if you notice your dog limping, slinking away, or hiding, don't wait to see if it goes away. Get your dog to the vet or to the groomer. Dogs can get sick very quickly from lacerations, abscesses, and infections that go untreated.

What If My Dog’s Paws Keep Cracking?

Vets will tell you that cracked dog paws is the most common complaint that they hear from pet owners. It makes sense: dog paws are the most exposed parts of their body, and they’re in touch with dirty, rough surfaces a lot of the time.

` Another issue with dogs is that they “speak” with their paws. They will walk on them and wipe their faces on them when they’re tired and sleeping. Regular dog training helps, but there are some preventative measures that you can take to keep your dog’s paws healthy and prevent the cracking from happening in the first place.

Supplements for dog cracked paws include:

Vitamins A and E, which help your dog’s body maintain leathery paws.

Vitamin B3, which helps your dog’s immune system.

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that can strengthen your dog’s skin and moisturize their paws. Because it also helps strengthen and maintain healthy skin, a dog with cracked paws may not even need this supplement every day. You can apply vitamin E onto your dog’s skin in between the cracks. Their natural oils will then help keep the vitamin E incorporated into the skin.


Dry cracked paws and cracked paw pads can no longer hold the moisture in. Your dog's feet will now be easily exposed to a variety of bacteria and fungi. These bacteria and fungi can cause your dog to lose all his protective oils and lead to cracked paws. This can also cause respiratory problems for your pet as his paws are no longer protected from these germs.

If your dog has cracked paws, you must take action to prevent it from getting worse. I highly recommend that you use a dog paw balm that is made with all natural raw ingredients.

I have proven to be very effective for myself and my dog. This dog paw balm will protect, care, moisturize and nourish your dog's paws.

I've also used this dog balm for my other two best friends and their paws have been so soft and their paw pads are now protected from the environment.