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How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking

Many of you have asked for my advice on how to stop a dog from barking. In this post, I share the techniques I have used with my dogs.

How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

8 cheap and easy ways to exercise your dog indoors by Kari Gran. An absolute must-read for any dog owner living in an apartment or city without access to outdoor space!

How to Discipline a Cat

Disciplining a cat: how to take out your frustrations on your pets. Find out how to train a cat using psychology, affection, and snacks.

How to De-Shed a Dog

DIY dog de-shedding: heavy shedding? Try these four natural remedies to help de-shed your dog quickly and easily.

How to Clean Your Cat’s Ears

This article will introduce you to the various methods that exist to clean a cat’s ears with home treatments to natural remedies to over the counter products.

How To Clean a Fish Tank

If you have a fish tank at home and would like to keep your fish healthy, then you need to clean a fish tank and keep it clean regularly.

How To Brush A Dog’s Teeth

This is how we brush our dog’s teeth, and she is never scared. This is because we have a kid we put in a t-shirt and he goes first.

How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

Here’s our guide to the perfect dog feeding schedule, with meal timing ideas that will help your dog stay calm, fit, and happy.