Pet Tech Products

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Pet tech products

If you had to take a pick from 10,000 products and gadgets for pets, what would your must-haves be?

To help you find that pick, we have compiled the best pet tech products.

We believe that pet tech products solve problems and boost pet wellness. Instead of solving problems and boosting pet wellness, they fall into the “must-have” category.

Following is a product recommendation matrix that will help you make the final decision on your pick.

A matrix is handy because it’s important to know what you’re buying. We live in the connected world and with the quick advances in technology, the digital landscape is no longer a “back-end” business. As an example, you now have “pet cams”, “pet edutainment”, “pet virtual reality” and even the simple pet radio.

To help you make a knowledgeable – and no doubt a sound – pick (not a frivolous one), we have listed the best pet tech products on the market. They’re arranged according to the benefits that you will derive from:

Teaching & Education

Pet tech apps

Know your dog better! Pet-Tech apps are a must have for all pet loving and responsible people. Use it to ensure your dog is fit to travel when you are away from home, track a missing pet, ensure your pet's immunization details are updated and for peace of mind in case of emergency.

Apps like Dog-ids & Whistle allow you to manage your pet's medical records in one convenient place. You can be reassured that in case of emergency, the vet will have complete details on your pet including updates when your pet was treated for certain conditions and vaccinations.

Other helpful apps like Pet-net help you find your lost dog with a GPS enabled tracker and ensure you pet is safe! Or you can identify and report any suspected dog fighting or abuse with the authorities using apps like Pet Crime.

The Best Dog Repellents for Lawns

If you've got a new dog or new dog in the new dog home, then you may have noticed some of your neighbors getting a little upset when the pup poops in their yard. This can get ugly really fast and it's not pleasant for anyone.

If you're just one of those guys who can shrug off people's warnings and act in denial when they confront you, that's fine. But if that doesn't work for you, you should know that dogs are smarter than we think they are, and have most likely already identified their neighbors as enemies by the way they act towards them. A good solution is dog training.

Rather than think of it as a punishment for your dog, think of it as a way to develop a communication system between you and your dog.

But in the meantime, it's not nice to just let them poop wherever they want. If you're looking for a quick and easy fix to deal with your dog's poop problem on your lawn, you should check out the best dog repellents in the market.

Using top dog repellent sprays or granules is a simple solution to this problem. This eliminates the dog poop from your lawn while making the dog think twice about using your lawn as a bathroom.