Pet Training Series: How to Train a Beagle Puppy

Skylar Dial
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Designated Areas for food, water, and bathroom

Beagles’ natural hunting instincts have a tendency to get them into things they shouldn’t be in, but just like the wild, if you’ve got a specific area for each and every one of your dogs to do their business, you’ll keep things much cleaner.

I recommend using a portable folding gate if you’re not able to block off a specific area. Many local pet stores sell these and sometimes they even come under a dollar. You can get them even cheaper if you buy the non-locking ones meant for young children.

You can also use them to block off a room, even a bathroom.

Make sure the gates are always secured and your dog can’t get out.

Teach Your Dog Simple Word-Based Commands

If you want to teach your dog a simple word-based command, I recommend starting with "come", "sit", "down", "stay", and "heel".

These are some of the most basic and useful obedience commands, and they are the foundation for more complicated commands like "sit/stay" or "down/stay".

Note: "Come" = Praise + Food

To teach your beagle puppy to come to you when invited, begin by holding out your palm and arm for the puppy to sniff.

When the puppy sniffs your hand, then use your free hand to deliver a couple of treats.

Start small. For example, if you only have one or two treats, that's okay. The goal is to first teach your beagle puppy that good things happen when he comes when you call him, so treat him gener