Wondering How to Easily Keep Your Dog’s Teeth (and Breath!) Healthy? We’ve Found the Solution

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Helps fight oral diseases (and bad breath!)

Given the importance of dental care, it’s no wonder that dogs are such a popular choice of pet. A 2005 survey estimated that almost half of U.S. dog owners had a pet for the sole purpose of companionship. But dogs really earn their keep in the healthiest-pets rankings by fighting gum disease and bad breath.

The Mayo Clinic reports that bad breath can result from bacteria wreaking havoc on your dog’s tongue and gums. The bacteria can spread from the teeth to the tongue and gums, causing major dental health issues. According to animal-care expert Lara Rea, the buildup of dental plaque and tartar can also cause tooth decay, infection, and inflammation. More worrisome still, bacteria from the dog’s mouth can spread to the respiratory tract, causing pneumonia.

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As pet owners we know how important dental care and tartar removal is for our furry friends. Many of us are now using special dental treats, toys and brushes to help keep those 150 bacterial strains in the dog’s mouth from producing excess tartar and staining the teeth. In fact, most pet products that you buy today are designed to both clean and whiten your dog’s teeth. Just for comparison, did you know that baby teeth work like a sieve and direct food to the adult teeth making them stronger. But when we still have our baby teeth (in humans) they are rotten and start to fall out. In dogs, baby teeth help soothe the adult teeth from too much pressure and irritation. This is why it is so important to clean your dog’s teeth regularly.

One of the specific dental treats your dog will love are dental dog biscuits. They are specifically designed to help disintegrate, clean and polish your dog’s teeth. They are made to be extra crunchy and are specially designed to take the place of kibble for dental health purposes. In almost every case, your dog will choose these treats over regular kibble, if you give these a try.

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And a powerful blend of ingredients make DOVE Dental Chews® stand out as a pet-parent favorite among dental chews and treats. Our team of veterinarians, nutritionists and researchers developed the unique DOVE Dental Chews formula with the input of pet parents just like you. The result is a natural, veterinarian-recommended tooth and gum support treat that helps promote healthy teeth and fresh breath. And because it’s also fat free, every bite of DOVE Dental Chews® gives your pet the oral health they’ve always wanted.

DOVE Dental Chews‘ unique, yummy cookies are made with a special dental support recipe” featuring the clinically proven, patented ingredients AvoCal® (a vitamin K derivative isolated from the California avocado with powerful calcium-binding properties), and glycoprotein complex “ an exclusive combination of natural sources of calcium and phosphorous, which stimulates enzymes that form calcified plaque and aids in clot formation. Further, our gentle manufacturing process ensures the AvoCal and glycoprotein complex remain intact and effective.