Wondering How to Train Your Kitten? Here are 5 Steps You Need to Take

Skylar Dial
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Training a kitten is a lot like training a newborn baby. Here are five things you should be doing when it comes to training your kitten:

Crate Training Kittens

Kittens are fascinated by all the new and exciting things around them. They want to explore and they will get into everything. The question is whether or not you want them to get into everything.

One way to protect your belongings and keep your kitten safe is through crate training. You can get a pet crate for your kitten and start by placing special treats in the crate. As the kitten realizes that treats are available when it’s inside the crate, it will start to like the crate.

Once the kitten gets comfortable inside the crate, you can start closing the door and at first only leave it for a short period of time. Keep increasing the time and as the kitten begins to feel comfortable inside the crate, you can start introducing it to the bathroom outside practice.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

As important as nutrition is, mental and physical stimulation is just as important for your kitten. Keeping your kitten active mentally and physically is important for muscle development and preventing behavior problems.